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Taking a Jet Ski Dolphin Tour? Here's What You Should and Shouldn't Bring

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Are you preparing for an upcoming jet ski dolphin tour? We understand how exciting it can be with an adventure approaching in the near future - jet ski dolphin tours, especially, are the experience of a lifetime, but it’s important to make sure you are well prepared with the right equipment and avoid bringing anything that you don’t need. 

At Avi’s Watersports, we’re committed to ensuring that you, your family, and your friends have a memorable jet ski dolphin tour full of fun and wildlife encounters anchored in safety. What follows is a comprehensive guide to prepare you for your upcoming tour, including things to consider before arriving and what you should and shouldn’t bring with you. 

What is Provided in a Jet Ski Dolphin Tour?

By choosing Avi’s Watersports for a jet ski dolphin tour, you’ll be able to travel 30 miles round trip deep into The 10,000 Islands! Your trip will include a unique combination of jet ski thrills and wildlife education with dolphin encounters guaranteed. 

Your jet ski dolphin tour will also include all the necessary equipment, such as: 

  • Jet Ski
  • Fuel
  • Safety equipment
  • Complimentary photos of your trip
  • Bottled water

Things to Consider

There are a few factors that may affect what items you’ll need or want to bring. On one hand, always consider the weather. Marco Island is often sunny, so you’ll want to wear comfortable and appropriate clothing, including sunglasses for when it’s bright and even rain gear for when it’s wet. If the weather is unfavorable for being on the water, the trip will be rescheduled for another time or day. We do not go out in heavy storms, but we might go forward with the tour in a slight drizzle. If temperatures are cool, we have windbreakers that you can borrow.

Another factor to consider is that while we don’t have storage lockers to store your personal belongings, the jet skis all have small compartments that can fit a limited number of additional items you might want to bring with you. 

What You Should Bring

Your jet ski dolphin tour has the potential to be a lifelong memory to share with your family and friends, so be sure to bring a few important items to ensure that you’re comfortable, safe, and ready to enjoy an exciting adventure. 

Boater Safety Course Certificate and Government Identification

One of the most important things you will need to bring with you to your jet ski dolphin tour is your boater safety course certificate. Florida State Law requires anyone born after January 1, 1988, must have a valid boaters’ safety ID card in order to operate a motorized boat or personal watercraft of 10 horsepower or more. There’s no age requirement to take the course, but you must be at least 16 years old to operate a jet ski with Avi’s Watersports and over 18 years old to be unaccompanied by an adult. Children as young as five are welcome to ride with an adult with a certificate. 

Individuals who intend to operate a jet ski will also need to bring a government-issued I.D.

Comfort Necessities 

We recommend that you bring only the necessities for your comfort such as a bathing suit, towel, sandals, and sunglasses. The sun can be intense here on Marco Island, so you can also bring sun-protective clothing such as a sun shirt and a hat, or you can opt for bringing sunscreen of your own. 

Great Attitude 

Don’t forget that this will be a memory you won’t soon forget! It’s a thrilling adventure filled with beautiful sights and jaw-dropping encounters with wildlife, so get ready for the fun! Try to arrive 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled tour time in order to run through a safety briefing and sign our damage and release waiver. 

What You Should Not Bring 

There are some things you should avoid bringing on your jet ski dolphin tour, such as items that can be impractical, unsafe, or easily damaged. Be sure to not bring the following: 

Unnecessary and Expensive Possessions

As mentioned previously, there are no lockers, so we suggest that you leave personal items such as purses and cell phones behind. Items that are expensive, unnecessary, or easily damaged should probably not be brought with you. Many people want to bring their cell phones to take pictures, but we are happy to confirm that complimentary photos are taken of your trip so you don’t have to risk bringing them. 

Uncertified Individuals Needing a Jet Ski

Don’t forget that boater safety course certificates are required! Be sure to print a copy and bring it with you. If you fail the boating safety course, don’t worry - you have unlimited attempts to pass the exam as long as it is done before your tour. Any uncertified individuals will unfortunately have to ride with a certified driver.


Your jet ski dolphin tour is a chance to escape from it all! Consider leaving all thoughts of your work and other life stresses behind on the shore. 

Schedule Your Jet Ski Dolphin Tour With Avi’s Watersports 

Are you excited to take a jet ski dolphin tour but don’t know what company to book with? Consider scheduling your tour with Avi’s Watersports! We guarantee an adventure led by a friendly, dedicated, and knowledgeable guide who is devoted to making sure every participant has a phenomenal experience. Our tours are great for jet skiers of all ages and skill levels, and your tour will be filled with natural beauty, wildlife, and adrenaline-fueled fun. Book online or feel free to contact our team today if you have any questions before getting started! 

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