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Avi’s Water Sports Marco Island Jet Ski Tours is a family-owned business that offers some of the most exciting dolphin jet ski rental adventure tours in Marco Island, FL. We have spent thousands of hours navigation the 10,000 islands. Explore the local wildlife in their natural habitat. Visit the Dome Homes of Cape Romano as you travel 35 miles round trip deep into the mangrove forest. When visiting Marco Island, there can be no greater joy than taking a seat on one of our jet skis that ply the water off the shores of the Island in search of bottlenose dolphins.

Explore the 10,000 Islands & Cape Romano

$259 Per Jet Ski for 2 1/2 Hours


From our family to yours, we invite you to take an exciting journey with Avi “The Dolphin Whisperer.” Take home a complimentary flash drive of photos, as our gift. Bring the family and make lasting memories. Contact us today to book your dolphin Jet Ski tour.



Why Choose Avi's Watersports as your Jet Ski Dolphin Tour Guide?

For those who are visiting Florida, Jet Ski (Waverunner) Dolphin tours are one of those experiences that should be on any list of activities. Viewing these incredible animals, up close and personal is the stuff that dreams are made of. With over thousands of hours spent navigating the 10,000 islands, we strive to be one of the most exciting and best jet ski dolphin rental tour companies in Marco Island, Florida. We make sure that our number one priority is the satisfaction of our clients. Additionally, Avi’s Water Sports have been recognized with a certificate of excellence by Trip Advisor and customer top ratings on Google.

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Top-Rated Jet Ski Rental Tour Reviews on Google & Trip Advisor

Avi was great. Very informative, and took time to answer all our questions. Definitely go again.
Gavin T.
17:13 25 Nov 21
Gone out with Avi twice in the last year, had an awesome time. Saw some dolphins and sharks. Always tailors the tour to the group he has so everyone has a great time. Would give him more than 5 stars if Google allowed!
12:50 24 Nov 21
Thank you Avi, for the great tour of the ten thousand islands. Still one of my favorite things do on Marco Island for the past ten years. Nancy was awesome helping us plan our tours.Book in advance time slots and space fill up quick.
Tim W
08:26 18 Nov 21
We loved Avi! He was awesome we got to see dolphins, the dome houses, shells at the island, and the mangroves and he also takes tons of great photos of your time, I highly recommend!
Savannah E.
20:24 11 Nov 21
What a wonderful experience. We saw many groups of dolphins, beautiful birds, and scenery. Avi is a great guide and really cares about the oceans and environment. Can't wait to come back. Thank you
Colleen B
18:00 27 Oct 21
We were fortunate to have somebody recommend Avi's, so paying it forward. Fantastic tour with Avi, has a great personality, oodles of knowledge. Lucky us, we were the only riders that morning and during the tour Avi came across an Egret that was caught in a tree branch. He was able to rescue the bird and take into the marina for care. The dolphins swam right up alongside us. Having never ridden a waverunner, after a few minutes we were cruising like experts. Highly recommend Avi, great time with lasting memories. While we brought a camera, Avi also provides photos of your tour.
Shawn M.
17:55 27 Oct 21
Truly the BEST on the island!!! I have been bringing friends and family to Avi for years now. There is no one better. Without fail has always found us dolphins and even got them to play with us! The photos he takes are also amazing!
Kerrie C.
22:17 24 Oct 21
We had a really good time!!!! Avi is amazing.Super recommended
Lev M.
20:44 22 Aug 21
What an amazing trip! Avi (and his daughter) led us on an expert excursion. We got the perfect mix of fast jet ski adventure with peaceful nature encounters. We saw so many dolphins and got to enjoy a quiet mangrove bay. Avi provides water and takes (great!) photos, so you can leave everything else on land. Highly recommended!
Lin Mahoney L.
16:31 18 Jul 21
Avi was a phenomenal tour guide on the wave runner dolphin tour. He is very knowledgeable about the area and takes the time to ensure everyone gets to see the sights. It was approximately 2.5 hours long and definitely worth the cost for this tour. We saw many dolphins and various other wildlife...and we even jumped in the ocean for a swim! He took over 100 pictures of our group and gave everyone the pictures at the end of the tour. I would highly recommend this tour and I can't wait to to do it again! Thank you, Avi for a very memorable experience!
Julie J.
18:31 16 Jul 21
If your looking for a guide that will take excellent care of you, Avi’s Water Sports is the place for you. We had reservations for the day after the tropical storm came through and Avi made sure that we were in safe areas but still got to experience all of the cool things!We covered lots of miles and got to see things that you usually don’t get to see when on jet skis. We got up close and personal with dolphins mating, got to ride with them for a while and Avi lead us through the Ten Thousand Islands!
00:14 08 Jul 21
🐬Avi was one of the best guides we’ve had!!! He took time to include everyone in the group. The dolphins were up close and playful!! 💕 it’s a must do in Marco with Ali
Sara T.
18:51 05 Jul 21
First off, Mr. Avi was very kind and very funny. I felt super safe and had so much fun. This was the highlight of my trip to Florida. The jetskis were in great condition and ran very smoothly. The route we took was beautiful. He knew a lot about the area, and I felt like I learned a little bit as well. We saw dolphins, and we even played with them by making a wake and they jumped around in it. It was magical and overall was just such a great trip!
Lady L.
17:20 19 Jun 21
Exceeded all expectations. Avi is a true professional. He spent the time ensuring our family had the best time. I highly recommend Avi as he is personable , professional, responsible, and pleasant. The tour was fun and the dolphin and shark stops were a true highlight! Launch and haul out were a breeze.
Susan S.
22:37 16 Jun 21
Highly recommend to anyone near marco island!! beautiful views, great service, and incredible wildlife.Truly an unforgettable experience!!!!
Shelby R.
18:53 16 Jun 21
If you are in the Marco Island area a jet ski dolphin tour with Avi Water Sports is a must!My wife & I are in our mid 50's and this tour was the highlight of our trip!Avi is a great instructor & tour guide! Avi spends time with you so you feel 100% comfortable, he shows you all the controls and how to be a safe operator. Avi is very knowledgeable of the waters and the eco system etc. Now the good stuff! The ride itself was awesome seeing and keeping a close but safe distance away from dolphins and manatees etc. The pictures Avi takes of the tour are priceless and they give you a lifetime of memories!Thank you Avi for making our Jet ski dolphin tour the highlight of our vacation!! Next time we come to Marco Island we will be sure to book with you again. Nancy was a pleasure to book with also!Sincerely,Jim & Debbie P
Jim P.
16:44 02 Jun 21
Great service and guidance, lots of fun and freedom on the water! Highly recommend this outfit.
Tomasz B.
22:26 29 May 21
As a first time jet ski rider, I felt very safe and comfortable under Avi’s direction. The water was beautiful and my family had a great experience. I highly recommend.
Alyse H.
15:50 27 May 21
We had a wonderful experience on the water with Avi... He is the "Dolphin Whisperer!" He knowledgeable and extremely experienced with his jet ski tour. I am a local and finally got to take this tour... I highly recommend you take this tour and take it with Avi!! #awesomejetskiupclosedolphintour
Michelle B.
21:56 25 May 21
This was the highlight of our trip. Avi is so knowledgeable about all the wildlife and area. We seen many pods of dolphins. Can't wait to return and do it all over again.
Susie T.
20:29 15 May 21
Avi was amazing. He’s a great photographer, super knowledgeable about the area, and found a TON of dolphins. I’d recommend this to anyone. So much fun.
Paul G.
19:23 14 May 21
Avi was unbelievable!! He took UNREAL pictures & showed us so many things! We found so many dolphins & manatees. We had so much fun on our tour! 11/10 recommend!!!!
Michelle D.
14:10 11 May 21
Absolutely incredible time! Cannot hesitate to say how much I recommend taking your jetski tour here. Avi was extremely friendly and incredibly knowledgeable about the area, the wildlife, and how best to take the tour while staying safe. He has been doing this for almost 20 years and it absolutely shows, he knows the area like the back of his hand. The jet skis were in great condition, and we were able to see plenty of dolphins and manatees up close and personal. On top of that, he takes amazing pictures! Cannot recommend enough, if you’re planning a trip to Marco island, Avi’s Water Sports is an absolute must. 10/10.
Kyle K.
00:42 01 May 21
We had a great time! Definitely worthwhile experience
Arielle H.
13:18 27 Apr 21
Awesome Tour! 100% guaranteed wild life. Great instructor. Beautiful viewing 3 hours trip that felt like forever it was awesome. I definitely recommend Avis jet ski tour.
Alma S.
22:22 22 Apr 21
Avi was great! We had a wonderful afternoon!He was very patient with the people in the group that had never been on the water before. A tour and show...LOL
Ken R.
12:07 19 Apr 21
Had an amazing day. Avi personalized the tour for our family and was amazing finding the dolphins. We got to see all the back islands. Highly recommend
Bruce S.
01:07 18 Apr 21
If you are in Marco island and want to take a jet ski tour. Avi is the way to go phenomenal experience and showed us the local spots with tun of dolphins!!
Alex S.
19:19 17 Apr 21
Avi is amazing, smart and passionate. Do this tour, if you are even considering it don't hesitate to book it! The fun and experience we had with dolphins in their home was priceless. They literally swim along your jet ski and underneath it, so close.Way out in the middle of the back waters in 10,000 islands, jet skis were fun and fast...the best!!
Jim C.
16:49 16 Apr 21
Avi truly knows the land! We saw sooo many dolphins up close! Best excursion ever! I’ve done a lot of them over the years. Having him document the photos is AMAZING! (Says the Mom who always takes the photos and is never in them!) His wife Nancy made the booking easy! Thank you! Love Kathryn and Morgan ❤️🙏🏻
18:19 14 Apr 21
Great experience! Avi's team was very patient with our special needs and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. Thorough training and clear explanations. My kids loved the hours on the water and seeing lots of dolphins.
Gerardo M.
20:33 13 Apr 21
Avi pulled out all the stops for our jet ski tour. It is so worth it, we got to see all the natural history of the ocean near Marco Island, encounter sea life up close, and had an awesome cruise on the jet skis through the back waters. It was breathtaking and spiritual all at once. We went into it for a little fun and excitement and got so much more. Avi is fun and knowledgeable but most importantly has so much respect for the natural world he is lucky enough to call his office.
Ann H.
11:22 10 Apr 21
We have been out with Avi 3 times over the past couple years. Each time out has been a different experience depending on who we have with us and what we would like to see & do. From seeing dolphins swimming and jumping, to the dome houses, to riding thru the mangroves, or riding fast. He always caters to our wishes. Can't wait to go again. I highly recommend to both locals and tourists.
Melissa M.
13:00 26 Mar 21
Awesome tour and exceptional service!
Andy W.
00:23 23 Mar 21
Avi was excellent. He is very knowledgeable about the mangroves and finds many locations to observe the dolphins. We also had fun zig zagging on the jet skis and ample time to enjoy the speed. Great time.
Peter P.
20:27 19 Mar 21
I wish it was possible to give 10 stars. This was perhaps the best experience our family has ever had on any vacation ever. You HAVE to go with Avi. Do NOT use another competitor. He has been doing this for 17 years and is an expert at navigation so you go where nobody else goes. We saw a Mother and Baby dolphin feeding on a beach. It was remarkable. Please, please, please call Avi and take this tour if you are anywhere within driving distance. We came from Fort Myers Beach. Easy day trip.
Mark H.
17:01 19 Mar 21
Avi was a great tour guide! We saw so many dolphins and learned a lot about the mangroves. It was a very delightful experience and would definitely recommend. Thanks Avi!
Anna P.
00:46 19 Mar 21
We had a wonderful time with Avi’s as our guide to jet ski on a tour of the 10,000 Island area! The whole experience was fabulous and we absolutely loved our time with the dolphins swimming near us! Avi had beautiful clean jet skis and was so patient with first the jet ski operators. We zipped around the islands and saw the dome house. A treasured plus to Avi’s jet ski tours are the priceless photos he takes and shares with you. We cherish the memories and the photos of our adventure. I would highly recommend Avi and his water sport adventures!
Jule H.
18:38 12 Mar 21
This was the highlight of our trip!!! I highly recommend!!
Annie E.
16:47 12 Mar 21
This jet ski tour was incredible! My husband and I had done one a few years back and this experience surpassed our previous great experience. We were able to get up close and personal with the sea life including (dolphins & manatees), cruise around the waters & stop at Cape Romano. He is so knowledgeable in the 10,000 islands and takes you farther back to see all of the amazing islands and landscapes. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Alyson H.
19:19 07 Mar 21
Had an amazing time! Would highly recommend Avi he gives an amazing jet ski tour! 10/10 would go back in the future.
Shawna G.
18:37 07 Mar 21
Incredible experience with Avi. Must do activity! Thank you Avi for making our trip one to remember! Enjoy to those adventure seekers who take on this tour🐬
Jess G.
18:37 07 Mar 21
I’ve taken this tour twice now and both times had a blast!! Avi is the best 10/10 can’t wait to go back !
Melissa G.
18:33 07 Mar 21
Had the best time on the jet ski tour! We saw so many dolphins and avi was full of knowledge to share with us! Would 10/10 recommend!
Sadye G.
03:42 07 Mar 21
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    A Tripadvisor Member
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    March 22, 2020

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    December 18, 2019

    star rating  Best tour on Marco Island for a family and friends. Close to hotels and lots of wild life on the tour.

    pat a
    April 13, 2020
  • star rating  This was the highlight of our trip!! The adults and kids loved it! Avi was a great guide and the pictures came out amazing! I highly recommend!

    March 12, 2021

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    Rebecca G.
    June 1, 2021

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    Andrea B
    June 1, 2021

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