Want to take your kids out on the crystal clear waters to feel the warm Marco Island breeze in their hair? Are you excited to get up close and personal with the friendly bottleneck dolphins? Then check out Avi’s Watersports Marco Island Jet Ski tours! 

Your guided trip will be a one-of-a-kind encounter thanks to Avi’s Watersports’ professional and experienced personnel. Our team will have even the most beginner riders feeling like pros on the water after a brief introduction to our jet ski machines. Our wave runners come equipped with a variety of safety features, such as life vests and a kill cord that guarantees the machine stops if the driver falls off.

But remember, It’s not just about ripping through the waves on your jet ski or performing crazy tricks to have a good time; it’s also about seeing dolphins up close while on a jet ski 

Why The Dolphins Are A Must See: 

While it is impossible to analyze every dolphin emotion, they do prefer to show that they are enjoying themselves. They show their appreciation by leaping into the air with astonishing precision or doing beautiful underwater tricks. There are some things you will learn and witness while going on the dolphin jet ski tour. 

Dolphins are incredibly intelligent animals, despite their playful nature. What’s more, their brains continue to evolve in the same way that the human brain does.

Dolphins are highly social mammals that form deep bonds with other members of their species, occasionally with dolphins from other species. 

The bottlenose dolphin can dive over 1,800 feet and they are capable of holding their breath underwater continuously for up to 12 minutes. The lungs of dolphins are extremely efficient.

Looking for a Jet Ski Dolphin Tour in Marco Island, FL? Our team at Avi’s Watersports is the answer! call 239-777-9873 to book your trip today! 

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