There is no denying the love we have for dolphins. Why? Because they’re totally awesome! These creatures are not only beautiful mammals, but they are also quite fascinating! You can join us at Avi’s Watersports any time of year to meet our favorite bunch of residents because we provide a year-round jet ski dolphin tour and we have a good feeling you’ll feel the same way about them! There are countless reasons why this activity deserves a spot on your bucket list, but here are 4 reasons why dolphins are totally awesome!

  1. They turn wild humpback whales into their make-shift slip ‘n slide!
    Off the coast of Hawaii, whales and dolphins have reportedly been seen playing and interacting with one another numerous times, according to biologists. In this strange interspecies activity, the whale would lift the dolphin out of the water as the dolphin gleefully tumbled and slid down its back, making whales their own make-shift slip ‘n slide.
  2. Trained to save and help the US Navy
    Who would have imagined that the US Navy would be protected by marine life?  In the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program (NMMP), sea lions and dolphins are taught to carry out tasks to defend the US Navy. Their duties range from equipment recovery to mine and booby trap detection using a camera mounted on their flipper. As the military’s defenders, these dolphins are of utmost importance to the Navy.
  3. Family is their main priority
    Off the coast of South Korea, a group of dolphins was reportedly observed assisting a friend who was injured and having problems remaining afloat. The dolphins supported their pod mates and kept her from drowning by forming a type of “raft” with their bodies. Dolphins, who travel in pods, are known to assist one another when they are hurt.
  4. They sleep with one eye open
    They take the idiom “sleep with your one eye open” a little too seriously. When they are sleeping, the eye on the side where the brain is resting is closed, while the side where the brain is active is where the eye is kept open. Dolphins only allow one-half of their brains to sleep at a time; the other half is kept awake so the dolphin can breathe and can keep an eye out for dangers in its environment.


Now, who wouldn’t be thrilled to see these amazing dolphins up close?! Avi’s Watersports in Marco Island, FL offers jet ski dolphin tours all year round! You will get to see these incredible mammals do stunning and dynamic leaps, showcase their speed, and keep you thoroughly entertained. This amazing sight of these happy beasts will surely make you smile. Contact us at 239-777-9873 to schedule your trip today!

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